Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tasting Notes from a recent Dinner at Chez Moi

Tasting notes from dinner Saturday night with a few friends.

1992 Domaine Leflaive Batard-Monrachet. Nice initial burst of minerals. This wine now has secondary notes and starting its life downwards. Still some kick to the finish serve less than cold. Focus improves with colder temperature but not otherwise. Towards the end of dinner, final drops had a hint of flowers and honey which didn't appear before - lovely but the wine was flat by then. Don't think we will ever see all these components together. 90pts

2002 E.Rouget Nuit St. George. Closed unlike the Savigny tasted 2months ago. Needed some time to open up. Not a bad showing but the Savigny is probably better drinking at this point. Shutting down? 88 pts

2000 Claude Dugat. Gevrey Chambertain. The anticipation didn't match reality. Nose was extremely closed and times improved it marginally. On the palate and body extremely lean and angular initially after opening but improved with air time. Not exactly a refined Burg. - nice but had a lot of "sharp edges". 88 pts

1998 Emmanuel Rouget Eschzeaux. A bit more open than the Duga. On the palate defintely 1-2 notches up from the Dugat and improved with time. Best was 30-45 minutes after opening. It seemed to hit a peak during that window after which it thined out and became much more sour without other elements to balance it. 89+(?) pts

1999 George Brueir. Rudesheim Auslesse. Nice acidity to balance the sweetness. Worked great with desserts. Honey suckle and apricots - although missing that petrol smell to some degree. More time needed but a good drink otherwise. 93ptsUntil next time.

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