Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 14, 2007. A smorgasboard

August Clape - 1995 Cornas.

Initially a bit closed and astringent. With time and about 1.5 hours it unfolded, figs, earthy, good finish. However, as it breathed more it also became a bit more sour and thin. Mid palate just didn't seem to have sufficient density - for a Cornas. The finish was quite decent. Perhaps this needs another 5 years to even out. Hopefully then all components would be "synchronized" at least for that 1.5 hours. 90 points. Maybe 2 more in 5 years.

Pierre Morey - 2001 Mersault Perriers

Right out of the bottle oozing with minerals and flint. Not a super hot year so this came through very pronounced. Do not serve this too cold as this would make it too Chablis-like. Give it ~45min to warm up and the overall aromatic profile should be even better. Again a bit light bodied for a Mersault so don't overchill. A bit short on the finish and not exactly my idea of a typical Perriers - a bit on the lean side but nevertheless a very good wine. 92 points.

Billecart Salmon - Brut Reserve - Champagne

Bright and light are my initial impressions. Subtle yeast. Abundant mousse and then a slow but consistent trail of small bubbles. Think of this and Krug as being in the opposite ends of the spectrum in style. In all honesty a little bit short on flavor. Value for money - Jacquesson would probably be my choice.

Henri Bonneau - VdP NV

Last bottle I have. Rustic wine not in a bad sense but one with guts, heart and full of flavor. Suspect Syrah, Grenache and quite a few other ones in here. Decent finish. CHEAP for what you get but I don't find this often - didn't even know Henri Bonneau does this. This would trounce a few appelation wines with names. Have to have this with some good old Provencial fare. Some cassoulet, game or sausages.