Monday, November 19, 2012

A Memorable Dinner

A wine dinner to remember - 6 People, 3 wines.
This was quality over quantity for sure.

Instead of posting tasting notes and scores wine lovers probably have a few more important questions in their minds - I'll try to anticipate some of them.

1) Is Domaine Leflaive's Montrachet really that good? Yes it is. 1991 was not THAT good a year and yet this was amazing. And yes IMHO better than a DRC Montrachet because it had more class AND was more true to the terroir. Why? Because this is in my mind this is truly what Montrachet is really about with the power and depth of a Batard Montrachet and the precision and minerality of a Chevalier Montrachet straddling both - this is a complete wine. DRC is a great Montrachet but perhaps one with a bit of alchemy and "MSG" to spice things up. Is it worth that kind of money? Probably not but neither is DRC Montrachet or say a Coche Dury CC... 96+ points!

2) 1961 Musignys. You Leroy lovers are going to be disappointed when I say that the Vogue beat it down - hard. The Leroy Musigny give it credit had a more beguiling nose at first; the Vogue took time to unfold. In the mouth and Palate it was immediately obvious that the Vogue had a much better core, tannic structure and better/longer finish. The Leroy lost out here and was overtly acidic; true enough it started to lose it about an hour later. Vogue 95 points. Leroy 93.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year get together

It has been a while since my last post but this extended break over Chinese New Year gave me some time and energy to post a few notes.

First up (not pictured) - Ulysses Colin Blanc de Blanc extra Brut. This was certainly bone dry and acidic - more like mineral and steel rather than fruit. Good but maybe not quite the wow factor as Selosse.

Next - 2009 Chateau De la Tour Clos Vougeot Vielles Vignes. These old vines are nearly a 100 years old ( turned 100 in 2010). Extremely primal with fruit and cherry compote being the overriding aroma. The minerality is there but is dominated by the fruit today. Almost like something from the barrel. Very good acidity which is surprising given the reputation of '09s as "big and ripe". Very long finish. Extremely concentrated tight and coiled even after double decanting and 6+ hours. Extremely fine tannins but the structure is there - this is a 15+ year wine and wouldn't be surprised if it shuts down soon. This is going to be something very very good in 15-20 years but I don't know if most people will have the patience. 94points now. More later if it keeps this up.

Next - 1993 Domaine D'Auvenay Bonnes Mares. Very nice presentation of plums, cherries, dash of pu er tea, mineral/stones. High density mid-palate, great acidity to balance the density and very long finish. Think this is entering it's drinking window but should have no problem staying there for many more years. 95-96 points.

Finale - 1963 Quinta do Noval. Opened 3 days ago. Having not had too much experience with port - we gave this a bit more time to open up in the bottle. Double decanted initially it seemed to be much more open in the first 24 hours and started to close down beyond that. Thereafter, it only opened up after pouring in a glass for ~1-2 hours. Notes of figs, plums and tea with a very long lingering finish. Not giving this any points as I'm still not sure how to place this... It's good but how good is the question.