Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some tasting notes from a while back

Hi folks,

The Winehunter has been quite busy as of late.

First order of business is to mention that the Winehunter has gone into the business and therefore disclaimers please.

Take what is said with a grain of salt but then again - this should be done in any case. At least for now anyway - this is specialized into the Single Malt whiskey business so.. my tasting notes on wine still count? ;-)

Here are some tasting notes from dinner couple of months back:

2002 Coche-Dury Puligny Montrachet "les ensigneurs". Amazing vitality, minerality and precision but still has enough depth to make this "robust". Needs another 5 years. 92 points

1988 Meo Camuzet Cros Parantoux. Tea,violets, vanilla. Velvety but with energy, multi-faceted. This is Henri Jayer folks - no doubt. 94 points

1943 Latour a Pomerol. Complete but a bit on the acidic side. V Good. 94 points

1937 Clos de Lambrays. Minerals, red fruits, sweet, plums, dried flowers, violets. 94 points.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2005 Barolo tasting in La Morra

This is a bit late but better than never. Tasted in Mid-October in the La Morra Cantina during thier 2005 Barolo tastings. This is incredibly taxing on the palate to do in one sitting. I'm not sure if my palate was as sharp especially towards the end after being constantly pounded by one Barolo after another...

2005 Barolo Broccoli Viole - M Marengo
Tight, monolithic, tannic, black peppers - 88 points

2004 Brunate - M Marengo
Complex, little thiner at the mid palate. Surprisingly drinkable at this age. Yields at 45 hl/ha - 92 points

2005 The Ciabot - Cascina Ballarin
Acidic, spicy, rough tannins, peppers? - 88 points

2003 Cascina Monastero Bricco Lucioni
Sweet core, concentrated, tannic, good finish - 90 points

2005 Cascina Monastero Bricco Lucioni
More Tannic, less concentrated = less pleasureable - 89 points

2003 Cascina Monastero Bricco Priund
Sweet core - 91 points

2005 Barolo Enzio Boglietti
New style, sweet concentrated core, hard to guess evolution - 90+? points

2005 Annunziata la Morra Elio Altaire
Simple, tannic core, spicy, acidic - 89 points

2005 Silvio Grasso Bricco luciani
Tannic, maybe too much? - 88 points

2005 Silvio Grasso Barolo Turne
Acidic & tannic - 88 points

2005 Oderro Barolo - 87 points ( no notes )

2005 Oderro Barolo Rocche di Castiglione - 89 points ( no notes )

2005 Erbaluna Barolo
Sweet core but massive tannins - 88 points

2005 Erbaluna Barolo vinga rocche - 89 points

2005 Renato Corino Barolo
Sweet core, high acidity - 88 points

2005 Renato Corino Barolo arborina
Sweet softer tannis - 90 points

2005 Renato Corino Vecchia Vigne
Sweet core, more powerful more tannins but better balance - 90 points

2004 Renato Corino Vecchia Vigne - 92 points

Old Leroy's and a DRC

Notes from a very recent dinner.

1969 Leroy Grand Echezeaux.
Opened in bottle for ~ 1 hour. Plums, bright fruits, wonderful bouquet. Resolved tannins. The nose is better than what showed up on the palate. 94 points

1969 Leroy Musigny.
Opened in bottle ~ 1 hour. More reserved but oozing with power, plums and cherries but with more vanilla/cream hints as well (more oak?). On the palate nose matches what went in. Very long finish. Silky tannins. Strangely here Terroir came to the forefront versus Domaine style - it was less typical "Leroy" and more typical "Musigny" (i.e. Power in a velvet glove). On the other hand the GE was "Leroy" with no doubt. Very consistent from start to finish. Really quite good. 96 points

1982 La Tache
Fantastically exuberant nose. Red fruit, plums, minerality - this turned heads. On the palate not as good - leaning on the acidic side but wouldn't say thin but perhaps not a "robust" La Tache given the vintage. On equal footing with the GE but perhaps a little better. 94+ points.