Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old Leroy's and a DRC

Notes from a very recent dinner.

1969 Leroy Grand Echezeaux.
Opened in bottle for ~ 1 hour. Plums, bright fruits, wonderful bouquet. Resolved tannins. The nose is better than what showed up on the palate. 94 points

1969 Leroy Musigny.
Opened in bottle ~ 1 hour. More reserved but oozing with power, plums and cherries but with more vanilla/cream hints as well (more oak?). On the palate nose matches what went in. Very long finish. Silky tannins. Strangely here Terroir came to the forefront versus Domaine style - it was less typical "Leroy" and more typical "Musigny" (i.e. Power in a velvet glove). On the other hand the GE was "Leroy" with no doubt. Very consistent from start to finish. Really quite good. 96 points

1982 La Tache
Fantastically exuberant nose. Red fruit, plums, minerality - this turned heads. On the palate not as good - leaning on the acidic side but wouldn't say thin but perhaps not a "robust" La Tache given the vintage. On equal footing with the GE but perhaps a little better. 94+ points.

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