Monday, November 19, 2012

A Memorable Dinner

A wine dinner to remember - 6 People, 3 wines.
This was quality over quantity for sure.

Instead of posting tasting notes and scores wine lovers probably have a few more important questions in their minds - I'll try to anticipate some of them.

1) Is Domaine Leflaive's Montrachet really that good? Yes it is. 1991 was not THAT good a year and yet this was amazing. And yes IMHO better than a DRC Montrachet because it had more class AND was more true to the terroir. Why? Because this is in my mind this is truly what Montrachet is really about with the power and depth of a Batard Montrachet and the precision and minerality of a Chevalier Montrachet straddling both - this is a complete wine. DRC is a great Montrachet but perhaps one with a bit of alchemy and "MSG" to spice things up. Is it worth that kind of money? Probably not but neither is DRC Montrachet or say a Coche Dury CC... 96+ points!

2) 1961 Musignys. You Leroy lovers are going to be disappointed when I say that the Vogue beat it down - hard. The Leroy Musigny give it credit had a more beguiling nose at first; the Vogue took time to unfold. In the mouth and Palate it was immediately obvious that the Vogue had a much better core, tannic structure and better/longer finish. The Leroy lost out here and was overtly acidic; true enough it started to lose it about an hour later. Vogue 95 points. Leroy 93.

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