Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October 4, Wine Geek Test

How many wines can you recognize by looking at the labels? ( Producer, cuvee, country etc...) If you click the picture and start reading the labels - that doesn't count. Its label recognition on sight here.

Instant 10 points for recognition of right 2 bottles on 3rd shelf. If you say "Romanee Conti" on 2nd bottle on 2nd shelf - congratulations - you instantly achieve rank of "Wine Name Dropper" and the quiz is over and .... wrongo dongo.

Score & Ranking
<3 : Wine Enthusiast
3-6: Wine Name Dropper
7-10:Wine Afficionado
11-15: Wine Trade Proffesional
16-20: Wine Geek
21-24: Wine Geek with serious problems.

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SKII said...

So thats how Pegau looks like!