Monday, April 13, 2009

Have you ever seen the rain - nostalgia & melancholy

When John Fogerty wrote the lyrics to the song "Have you ever seen the Rain", he was referring to the eventual breakup of his brother Tim from the band Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). This song was released in 1970 and whenever I hear this song it rings nostalgia all over. For people of my generation (you know who you are) this will probably be true as well - for other generations perhaps not. Either way, it also seems like appropriate lyrics for the economic downturn and the credit crisis. By now everyone has seen the rain (or flood or Tsunami).
Hopefully the sunny days will come back soon...

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have you ever seen the rain?

Someone told me long ago, there's a calm before the storm,
I know; It's been coming for some time.
When it's over, so they say, It'll rain a sunny day,
I know; Shining down like water.

I want to know, Have you ever seen the rain?
I want to know, Have you ever seen the rain
Coming down on a sunny day?

Yesterday, and days before, Sun is cold and rain is hard,
I know; Been that way for all my time.
'Til forever, on it goes Through the circle, fast and slow,
I know; It can't stop, I wonder.


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