Saturday, April 04, 2009

God's Joke ( or why TV series can't be serious)

For many who follow the comic book God's Drop or "Kami no Shizuku" - some will know that a limited 8 episode TV series began earlier this year in Japan. The final wine or "Kami no Shizuku" literally meaning "God's drop" was no other than the 2003 Chateau La Puy. Yours truly bumped into this wine by chance recently so here are the tasting notes.

2003 Chateau La Puy.
Well, for something which was the wine of God - this is a bit disappointing. On the nose, this had the smell of a Burgundy with a bit of age (15+ years?). Earth, plums, tea - surprising and getting my hopes up as this is totally unexpected for an '03 Bordeaux. On the palate with....Disaster!!! Thin, astringent, slightly coarse tannins; can't believe this is an '03.  Mid-palate and finish is nothing to write home about.  Don't see how this could be construed with something close to perfection and showing "eternal qualities" - anything but. Wine of God - hmmm don't think so Joke - maybe. 83 points

2006 Peter Michael "La Crarrie"
Smells of minerality starting to integrate with the oak. Very aromatic oak. Some people smell "pineapple" - I think it's the combination of the minerality and the oak - not quite pineapple perhaps a Pina Colada. High viscosity almost oily quality in the wine. Nice aftertaste but maybe a bit short and  thought it thinned out at the very end. May improve with time as wood integrates with rest of the wine. 90+ points.

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