Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January 30 2006, More Chinese New Year Tastings

Our motly crew gathered at a house for some wines during Chinese New Year. Unable to wait up, the tasting group had already downed 3 bottles by the time I got there ( 2 champagnes and a Comte Lafon Mersault Charmes).

Up next - a white :

'02 Ramonet - Chassagne Monrachet 1er Cru- Les Chaumees
Nuts & minerals, hints of fruits, well balanced and good acidity. Extremely aromatic with that slightly raw and slight bitter finish of a Chassagne. 92pts.

After that the gloves were off and out came the reds :

'82 Chateau Margaux - Bordeaux
Green peppers, faint leather, a bit thin to my palate. Cork was soaked which tells me this was not showing its best though perfectly drinkable. Great finesse, delicacy, smooth tannins. 94 pts but suspect a good bottle should rate much higher.

'86 Talbot - Bordeaux/Saint Julien
Very nice. Leather hide & cassis, good body, nice tannins ( though seemed a tad harsher than the Margaux) showing very well although the cork was again soaked, excellent finish. This was showing better than the Margaux overall. 95+points ( Think this still can improve a little more).

'86 Leoville Las-Cases - Bordeaux/Saint Julien
Very closed, slight hints of chees, not ready at all and a bit disappointing. Did not really open up with time and air and started get a bit more sour instead. 93+(?)pts.

After this... the boys still didn't have enough and raided the host's cellar... and found this beauty ( it was all Chef Chau's doing - we had no part in this Steve.....honest).

'95 Chateau Latour - Bordeaux
One of my favorite 1st growths in the '95 vintage so I am biased. Puillac nose of green peppers, Cassis, faint leather ( coming on nicely - not present when 1st released ), although I could not really coax the lead pencil aromas out too much, excellent mid palate and great finish. 96 pts

And now a complete change of pace......

'03 H.Dohoff Norsheimer Delchen AP#1804 - Germany/Nahe
Nuts, slight petrol, remarkable balance of sweetness and acidity ( we take this for granted from Donhoff but is just so hard to get this right ). Great finish. This was just infanticide.... 95+pts.

And if that wasn't enough..... One final red...

'97 Dominus - California

Ripe fruits, hints of leather hide, very "bordeaux" nose. In the mouth it was a slightly different story but very nice tannins. Suspect it needs another 5-7 years to really come together and smooth itself out. 95 pts.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

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SKII said...

The 97 Dominus is drinking beautifully now. Almost a bordeaux and perhaps more delightful yet more complex than other new world wines. Dont quite agree with AsianWineHunter this time! I wouldnt wait for another 5-7 years. Why risk it when it is such great pleasure to drink now? (I wouldnt give any USA red for more than 10 years)