Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 3, 2006 - Happy New Year

As this is the first entry in 2006. A happy new year to everyone reading this blog.

Some tasting notes from last year.

1993 Tenuta Ornellaia - Masseto
Getting along in age here. Leather, iron, figs. A bit light and not much on the finish. This being only 12-13 years old I'm getting a bit concerned about the ageing length of this cult wine - not a good showing at least for the '93 vintage. Storage conditions were very good as evidenced by a low level of seepage in the cork itself. 89-90 pts.

1993 Grant Burg - Messach
Black fruits, figs. Initially dense & oily, hint of sweetnees in the fine tannins. 30minutes later becoming a bit more "gritty" with aeration - nice mid palate. The finish is somewhat short or clipped. 91+ pts.

2000 JM Boillot Pommard - Burgundy
I forgot to note down which Pommard it was ??!! Very nice - what else can be said "pinot noir" nose of fruits, animal and cheese aromas all rolled up together. Nice acidity and not too tart. Integrated nicely with time although nose was best in first 30minutes. 90 pts.

2002 JM Boillot Puligny Monrachet - Burgundy
Beautiful nose propped up by a wonderful minerality on the nose and in the mouth. Flavors of citrus/lime coupled with minerals persisted in the mouth for a good minute. Wine gracefully faded over time and did not become unbalanced ( this is the best way to go IMHO ). This is further evidence (to me anyway) that 2002 white Burgs is just a spectacular vintage especially in the hands of capable winemakers. More than ever I think this is the best white vintage in a decade or more. This wine will be even better with 5-7 more years of good storage. 90pts.

Both of the Boillot wines had a very pleasing nose raised expectations in other aspects as well. In the end of the day these were village wines and should not be expected to be "transcendental experiences". Back to Earth anyway.

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