Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meo Camuzet 2012 - From the Barrel

This is a recent barrel tasting right after racking. Quite a few were doing remarkably well despite this but a few were not.

Of these I would say the VR Aux Brulee was the most closed but you could tell there was so much swirling underneath. Would not right it off but right now it was closed for business.

Of the other wines here were a few that "stood out" from a pack of fantastic wines.

1) Haute cote de Nuit (Blanc). This had a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Given the prices (~EUR 15?) - something not to miss

2) Fixin Village had a good length and a minerality which was quite attractive. Again something in the value to money camp.

3) Echezeaux - this was singing that day. Red fruits, minerals, stones, mid palate concentration and finish. This might be the "sweet swpot" of the Grand crus.

4) Cros Parantoux - A bouquet of fireworks. Spice, red fruits, minerals, stone/gunflint, backbone, length. Put's many grand crus to shame

5) Richebourg - The Richebourg was typically holding it's stuff back. Having said that it was on another level when it came to depth, length and fine tannin structure. It's probably a shame to open any of these without a good 15 years in the pocket.

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