Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24, 2007. Beaujolais

The fresh, bubble gum like wine known as Beaujolais Nouveau released on 3rd week of November is what most people think of when this appelation is mentioned. Beaujolais rouge is made with the Gamay grape and actually encompases 3 categories.

1. Regular Beaujolais - Beaujolais Nouveau is a part of this.
2. Beaujolais Village - 38 communes claim this category. Again Nouveau can come from this.
3. Beujolais Cru - These consists of 10 vineyards :

The largest Vineyard with 1300 hectares at the foot of Mount Brouilly. Annual production : 10million bottles. Really massive production not really that interesting.

The smallest vineyard with 280 hectares. Annual production : 2.1 million bottles.
One of the better Crus.

Situated at 400 meters is the highest of the vinyards. 370 hectares. Annual production 2.7 million bottles

Cote de Brouilly
On the slopes of mount Brouilly. 320 hectares. Annual production : 2.4 million bottles

870 hectares. Annual production : 6.5 million bottles

600 hectares. Annual production: 4.5 miilion bottles

Full bodied wines. 1100 hectares. Annual production: 8.7 million bottles

Moulin a Vent
'King of Beaujolais' from the ancient windmill in a nearby town. 670 hectares. Annual production: 5 million bottles. That's alot of bottles for supposed the king - buyer beware.

Designated relatively recently (1988). 550 hectares. Annual production : 4 million bottles

Northern Beaujolais. 310 hectares. Annual production: 2.4 million bottles

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