Monday, August 13, 2007

Apologies again

It's been a while since any postings and apologies are due. A combination of a busy workload, lack of thematic tastings and too many things on my plate. Believe me when I say, would rather deal with wine topics than sub-prime and market turmoil - but such is life. Promise to have some articles lined up in the not too distant future. Hopefully late summer/early fall.

If it smells like a dog it probably is - Grand cru Burgundy don't sell for the price of of a Vin de Pays. Likewise, high yields and high credit ratings (i.e. AAA/AA rated CDO tranches) don't go together-that would be a contradiction. It's taken the market this long to realize it. Which reminds me of a passage from one of Warren Buffets annual reports "You can't tell who's swimming naked until the tide goes out". In the meantime be careful out there.

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