Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 21, 2006. Assorted wines

2001 - Balthasar Ress. Hattenheimer Nussbrunner - Auslesse.

Center stage of primary fruit aromas starting to move back a little to reveal petrol and slight flinty. Viscous, with lively acidity, perhaps doesn't have the concentration in the back end and finish to put it up there with the best of the best. However, it's more than adequate as an enjoyable summer drink. Alright this may be a bit sacreligious but why not. Wish I had some langoustines and scallops on the grill. 92(+)pts. Perhaps in a few more years ( 5-10) it may deserve a slightly higher rating.

1997 Henri Gouge - Nuit st. George - "Le Saint George"
On the nose promising notes of red fruits and typical pinot noir aromas. That was the best part. In the mouth it was angular, sand-paperishly tannic and well "unrefined". Okay no problem you would say we can give it more airtime to smooth things out. Well that would be nice if it had some concentration and this being 1997. It was not to be. 84pts.

2003- Boyd Cantenac - Margaux

Upon opening promising and enticing aromas of black/stewed fruits. Had an aroma of toffee and slightly burnt butter ( that 2003 type aroma again). The nose was very promising. Bottle decanted for about 45mins. In the mouth, it was well - a little disappointing. The tannins were very noticeable and the wine didn't seem to have enough viscositiy and "fat" to smooth this out. In fact the wine seemed a bit thin in mid palate and at the back end - lacking a bit of concentration. Not so optimistic on this one... 86-87pts.

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