Monday, June 19, 2006

June 17, 2006. More Burgundies Part 2.

Completely unrelated to wine but what the heck it was begging to be photographed!

1954-57. Mercedes Benz. 300SL Gullwing. Nuff said . 100 pts

An now on to wine........

1999 Ramonet Batard Montrachet
Minerality & acidity with a little punch. However to this mouth, this bottle seemed to lack a little of the vibrancy, power and edge compared to previous bottles. Not showing its best here. 91pts.

1983 Chambolle Musigny - Henri Felettig
Hints of dried figs and plums, tea colored, bricking occuring. Would say, it went very well with one of the hard cheeses. 87pts.

1983 Nuit Saint George - Clos De Forrets St. Georges / Cuvee Hors Ligne - Jules Belin
More closed on the nose, spicy, anise seeds. In the mouth coarser tannins than the previous Chambolle but a better finish (to me). Didn't not go well with the cheese but surprisingly well with salami.86pts.

1999 Michel Magnien Morey St. Denis 1er Le Chaffots
Not much on opening. Upon tasting in fact it seemed like it was about to go downhill. I was wrong and it gained weight and structure over 30-45minutes. Nose still reticent but the impression was one of very good balance and fine tannins. This should fare better with a couple more years 90pts.

2002 Frederick Magnien - Chambolle Musigny
Still closed, extreovert - Black fruits/red fruits, stones and stems. Tannins were more noticeble hopefully will ease out with age but a bit coarse. Nowhere near ready. 89ts.

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