Sunday, March 12, 2006

March 10-11, 2006. Bunch of wines - none spectacular

Think it's been a while since the winehunter has tasted so many mediocre wines in a row. So lets start with the best.

Jacquesson. No.729 Champage.
Nice aromas, nice mousse, great bubbles, great on the palate. We have a QPR winner here. The only thing that sets it apart from greatness is that it goes downhill rather quickly (~45min). 91+pts.

1997 M.Chapoutier Terra Vinya. Banyuls.
Sweet red wine... hey its close to a sherry @ 17.5 alcohol. Some taste in this wine just doesn't sit right with me.. a bit like cough medicine. One-dimensional. 85pts.

2001 Ramey - Russian River Chardonnay
Bright, citrus nose with some hints of flint/minerality in it - promising. In the mouth it become more californian. Fruity , buttery/oily/viscous, decent finish. It had all the elements but just can't seem to get the proportions right. Good raw materials - mediocre execution and conception. 89 points

2003 Champy Gevrey Chambertin "VV"

Cooked, bubble gum nose I usually fine in Australia and NZ pinot. At to that hints of green/vegetal aromas and I just did not like it though it was drinkable. This seems to me liked they picked the grapes to avoid death by heat but was too early for stems to "ripen"... and they did not de-stem. ...83pts

2003 Guy Amiot Chassagne Monrachet - Rouge
Bleh... rough tannins, uninteresting nose... nothing good comes to my memory 78pts.

2002 Frederick Esmonin Charmes Chambertin
Nice nose of cherries, perhaps a little "stewed" cherries, nice fruit aromas however. There was more than a hint of greenish/vegetal aromas which indicates that this was propably picked a bit early for its own good. Good acidity and fine tannins, decent finish. 89points


SKII said...

Hard to believe 96 Lalande not up to her reputation !

dominus91 said...

enjoyed reading your notes.

had ramey ritchie chard 02 recently and it is drinking fab right now.


thomas said...

ramey chard is pretty nice. I wish I had the pocket book to say it wasn't nothing special.