Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dec 14, 2005. Misc. Tasting notes

December 14, 2005. Various tasting notes.

Its been a while since the last entry - sorry folks - the wine hunter has been bogged down a bit. Not very productive last few weeks as far as wine tastings are concerned. Here are a few assorted notes - no theme.

2000 - L'Interdit de Bandon

A VTD by law. It looks like the owner of Ch. Valandraud broke a few too many rules to produce this and was deemed "unworthy" of AOC designation ( same story for the L'interdit de Valandraud). This opened up early and was accesible early black fruits, dense and concentrated considerable tannin but tame and quite fine. Would have to say the after bouqet in the glass and aftertaste/finish was actually better than time in the mouth. Could use a few more years ( 3-5? ) 89pts.

1999 - Chateau Quinault - L'enclos

Lighter than L'Interdit but more complex. This had finese and better all round. Good now and requiring little air time 30-45mins. 91pts.

1997 - Rene Renou, Bonnezeaux Le Mellereses

Sweet wine with very good acidity. Not syrupy but lively and light. Had it with chinese hot pot and various seafood goodies. Went very well with the seafood - especially conch shell and fish. SAY NO TO GURWERTZTRAMINER for Chinese food. Whoever made that up is an idiot. I have found a Bonnezeaux or German Spatlese very nice matches. 90+ pts.

1985 - Chateau De Feslese , Bonnezeaux.

Had this a while ago but didn't seem to make it into the blog. "TRUFFLES".. Yes wonderful aroma of truffles, good acidity, apricots, honey, peaches and TRUFFLES. Had it with a Schezuan "saliva chicken" ( sorry folks no alternative tranlations here). I have to say I was very impressed with the combination of 1000 year old eggs with a Bonnezeaux. 92 + 4 ( truffles!) pts.

2000 - Ridge. Montebello Chardonnay.

This is getting better than first tasted 2 years ago. Californian Chardonnay but with a bit of Burgundian minerality and depth. Opened tight and took some time to "unwind". Rumors of this wine's death are greatly exagerrated and actually needs a few more years (3-5?). Hints of 2ndary flavors starting to appear. 92+ pts

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